Beginner Dance Classes

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Pre-Primary Ballet  (Beginner Ballet)

Cost: $15 per week

For 4 ½  – 6 yo children attending their 1st year (Prep) of Primary school or of school age. This class is 45 minutes and requires a more focused attention than tot’s class as boys and girls explore "real ballet". We still maintain the creative and expressive emphasis and keep the classes fun, imaginative and active. Classes are timetabled early in the school week or on Saturday mornings where possible as this age group can get very tired after school later in the week.

"Tiny Boppers Jazz Funk"

Cost: $10 per week (*or only $5 extra if taken with ballet)

For 3 – 6 year old children this a 30 minute class suited to Pre-school & Prep aged children. This class is often taken along with ballet and is a great chance for them to "get their wriggles out" and dance to age appropriate pop music. With free dance, jazz/funk steps and acrobatic basics our students will learn moves and grooves that will give them style and confidence to express themselves.

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