What is the difference between Hip Hop & Jazz?

Jazz Ballet is the basis of commercial dance that you will see in TV advertising, stage shows, musicals,  and music videos. Jazz Ballet requires strong technical training which develops the speed, power, flexibility and strength used to perform dynamic choreography and be a versatile performer. Jazz ballet is always enhanced by the precision and detail of ballet training!

Hip Hop is a much more recent and specialized style of dance taking its form from street dance. Whilst very popular (and cool), Hip Hop is like learning a single dance "language". It would be beneficial for dancers also take other dance classes to develop their skills if wishing to extend their abilities.

In our Junior classes we combine both Jazz & Hip Hop and then students can take dedicated classes if they wish to specialize more.


"Tiny Boppers Jazz"  2 – 5 yo.

(also see Toddlers page) 

This is a 30 minute class suited to Pre-school and Prep aged students. With free dance, and jazz basics for beginners they will have lots of fun and get their wriggles out!

Junior Jazz/ Hip Hop 5 – 8 yo

(also see Beginner's Dance Classes page)

This is a 30-45 min class which combines a mixture of the jazz and hip hop styles. Kids will have a great time learning their dance moves and putting them together with pop music songs. Students will work on basic dance skills, flexibility and even some basic acrobatic moves. 

* Below class age depends on experience and ability*

Elementary Jazz* - For 8 - 12 & older beginners

Elementary Hip Hop* - 8- 12 & older beginners

Intermediate Jazz* – For 10- 14 yo or Grade 5 & 6 Ballet

Intermediate Hip Hop* - For 10 - 14 yo or Grade 5 &6 Ballet

Senior Jazz* -  For 13 up & older beginners

Senior Hip Hop* - For 13 up & older beginners

Senior Advanced Jazz* - For 15+ students with strong skills and previous dance training .

Senior Advanced Hip Hop - For 15+  students with strong skills and previous dance training.