The Carmel Amelia School of Dance has been competing in Competitions since 2002 at competitions throughout Victoria .


Dance competitions build team work, friendships and confidence and help students work on their performance skills and stage craft. As a performing artist a dancer benefits by as much stage experience as possible and competitions are a fun way to achieve this!


At Carmel Amelia School of Dance we place the full emphasis on gaining experience and improving performance. Whilst everyone loves to win prizes we feel that the main reward is the joy of performing on stage and showing off the skills we have worked so hard to polish.

Troupe performances are an annual event at The Commonwealth Competitions and students also perform at Royal South Street Competitions, Victorian Performing Arts Challenge, Bendigo Competitions and Geelong Competitions. Students are selected for troupes in classical ballet, neo-classical, character, modern, contemporary, jazz and tap.

Many troupe prizes and school aggregates have been won over the years with students gaining valuable performing experience. What students always remember the most though is the teamwork, friendships and fun of performing.

Solo work is also available to students who wish to further their performance skills. Troupe and solo classes are rehearsed separately from regular training classes.