We offer "Bubs & Me"" 1-3yo, "Twinkle Toes" Tiny ballet (2-4yo), Tiny Tappers (3-5yo)& "Tiny Bopper Jazz" (3-5yo)
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"Twinkle Toes Tiny Ballet"

"Twinkle Toes Tiny Ballet" class times
Tuesdays 10.00 - 10.30am & 3.45 - 4.15 & Saturday 8.55 - 9.25am
Saturdays 9.15 - 9.45am
Saturdays 9.30 - 10.00am

Cost: $10 per week

Our program for pre-school kids is designed specially for children aged from 2 to 4 years old to experience their very first ballet steps in a creative and fun setting with lots of imaginative ideas and a fun approach.

Often called "Baby Ballet" or "Kinder Ballet" our classes are specially designed for children to learn "real ballet basics" in a fun, friendly and creatively structured class. We explore music interpretation, play games and use story telling ideas to keep children engaged. Carmel Amelia School of Dance offers this very special program based on our many years of experience in teaching students from 2 years old and up. 

"Tiny Boppers Jazz/Funk"

"Tiny Bopper Jazz" class times
 4.15  - 4.45 (3-5yo)Saturday 9.45 - 10.15 (2-5yo)

Saturdays 9.50 - 10.15 (2-3yo)& 11.00 - 11.30 (4-6yo)

Saturdays 10.00 - 10.30

Cost: $10 per week *only $5 if taken with tiny tap or ballet

If your little one also likes to bop and groove we offer "Tiny Boppers Jazz/Funk" for our Pre-school dancers. This class can be taken by itself OR in addition to ballet. Children will be learning the beginnings of styles like jazz & hip hop and will dance to age appropriate pop music. Some basic floor moves and acrobatics will also be explored in this energetic and fun class. 

"Tiny Tappers"

"Tiny Tappers" class times
Sunbury- Saturdays 9.25 - 9.50 (2-5yo) 
Cost: $8 per week *$5 with Tiny Jazz or Ballet

Tiny Tappers class is great for those tiny dancers who love to make a lot of noise! Exploring music listening, beat and rhythm, our tiny tappers will practice their balance and co-ordination skills and have a whole lot of noisy fun!

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If you are not sure it's best to try first, so we invite new students to attend a free trial class to make sure they are choosing the right class.

To book a trial class please fill in an enrolment form to reserve a place and we will be in touch to confirm.


If you do not wish to purchase uniform before trying the class, students can come in any favorite outfit suitable for dance/free movement with either bare feet or socks. 

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"Bubs & Me" Dance class

"Bubs & Me" class times
Sunbury- Tuesdays 10.30 - 11.00 (1-3yo) 
Cost: $10 per week 

For our tiniest dancers who want to have a go but still want support from mum/dad/carer (to be there & participating with them) we have introduced our "Bubs & Me" class which will have a fun mix of music, basic motor skills, dance moves and play. Either mum, dad, grandparent or a carer can be part of the class and give your little one the support & security to participate, getting them ready for when they can move up to our tiny tots classes. Come along and join the fun... 

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Can Parents stay in and watch class?

For the best learning outcomes children need to focus on their teacher. Our tots dance classes require that parents leave the children in the care of our expert teachers so that the teachers have the children's full focus. It is also important that all children have privacy from other parents watching, as to them they are strangers! For this reason also we ask that parents do not stand at windows to watch and DEFINITELY DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS!

We do understand that many parents are keen to check their child is doing ok but your teacher will let you know if there are any concerns.

We will also offer an "open day" event where parents can come in and view the class...usually in term 2.

*If children are not yet ready to be independent then we recommend the "Bubs & Me" class where the parent/carer participates with their child.

Uniform - Is there a Uniform?

Yes we have uniforms which can be purchased through our school or dance shops before OR after a trail class. (See "about us: uniform" page for more details)

“Twinkle Toes Tots ballet" & Tiny Bopper Jazz"


Pale Pink leotard, x-over top and tutu skirt, x-over top, ballet tights, pink satin ballet shoes with elastic, hair “up” with pink flower comb, bow or headband. *ballet socks ok for hot days **tutus can be taken off for Jazz**


Juniors – Navy or Black leggings/bike shorts, white socks and white ballet shoes, white cap sleeve leotard or tight fitting T-shirt or “skivy”. Pony tail if hair is long.


Concerts - Do toddlers participate in a concert?

Yes our pre-school dancers are invited to participate in our end of year junior concert.

They are beautifully supported by our older students who help them in class, back stage and on stage. It is a magical experience which our students look forward to and offered to all. Parents will be amazed and delighted to see their little ones on stage with their leaders.

("Bubs & Me" will get chance when they move up to Tiny Ballet & Jazz)