Tuition Fees

Dancing fees are paid per term and are due in week 1 of each term. Invoices are emailed out.


Our fees have a base rate of $10 per 1/2 hour ($20 per hour) but many discounts apply for multiple classes and families.


Discounts Available

Classes are discounted from 10% - 50% as extra classes are added. The more you dance the more discounts apply!

* Unlimited class deals are available for our very keen dancers to help families to support their child's passion.

* Family discounts are also applied. 

How Long Is a Term?

There are usually a total of 38 teaching weeks for the year guided by school terms. The 4 terms are averaged out to 2 x 10 & 2 x 9 weeks each. 

*Students only doing class on 1 day per week will be invoiced for the exact weeks in each term that we run classes on their day as this may vary due to public holidays  depending on the day of the week they attend.


Can I get a refund or discount for missed classes?

Fees are BY TERM. There are no refunds or discounts for missed classes. For extended holidays or illness over 4 weeks please contact us for consideration.

Are there any extra Fees?

Other fees may be charged for extra items such as private tuition, workshops or masterclasses. Examination fees and costume hire fees will be invoiced when due. 


A production levy of approximately $50 per item is charged to students to cover costume hire, rehearsals and production costs for our annual concerts.

How to Pay Fees?

Fees may be paid via EFT (Direct Deposit) or directly to the teacher by cash in named envelope. EFTPOS available at Dancetopia Studios 4.00 - 6.00 weekdays and 9.00 - 12.00 Saturdays - see our receptionist.

Please use our contact form for any further queries.

email: enrolcasod@gmail.com