Classical Ballet Classes

Classical Ballet Training - the benefits!

Classical ballet training is renowned for providing those who study it with advantages both physical and mental. The correct study of classical ballet will provide a student with a chance to develop confidence, focus, attention to detail, discipline and musicality. The physical benefits to a child's strength, posture, flexibility, balance, co-ordination & body control are also very well known. 

Other benefits for a ballet dancer include creative expression, teamwork and performance skills.

It is quite often that young dancers when observed in other activities are noted for their posture and co-ordination - comments such as "You must do ballet" are common!

The Cecchetti Method

Ballet students at The Carmel Amelia School of Dance will be trained in the world renowned Cecchetti Classical Ballet Method and ballet examinations are taken with the Cecchetti Ballet Australia Society. Our teachers are qualified and trained in this method which is known for its expressive qualities and strong technique development. The Maestro Cecchetti himself was a world renowned ballet master and trained famous dancers such as Anna Pavlova. His teachings have been followed and are continually developed to provide a beautiful dance training experience for the dancers of today.


Our Ballet Classes and Levels *can depend on previous experience*

"Twinkle Toes Tots Ballet" - age 2 to 41/2 (pre-school age)

"Pre-Primary Ballet" - age 4 1/2  to 6 (Prep age)

"Primary Ballet" - age 6-7 (Grade 1 school age)

Grade 1 - age 7-8

Grade 2 - age 8-9

Grade 3 - age 9-10

Grade 4 - age 10-11

Grade 5 - age 11-14

Grade 6 - age 12 - 15 *pointe work commences for those who are ready*

Intermediate - age 12- 16

Advanced 1 & 2 - 14 + (dependent on ability and experience)

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Ballet Exams

Ballet exams are offered from Pre-Primary level up and give our students the opportunity to achieve their levels and thus gain a real sense of progression and achievement. Ballet exams not only give our students a sense of achievement but are also essential to be considered for professional dance training 

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Other Training Opportunities

Along with their Cecchetti classes some of our very keen ballet dancers can also take part in Competition Teams and solos giving them rewarding performance experience. Our students also get to do auditions and masterclasses if they have the interest to further their skills.

High Performance Program

If students show a special talent & interest in their ballet and wish to further extend themselves they can be selected for our High Performance Program. This program is designed to extend the students and let them explore their abilities.

Solo Competitions

Our ballet students can have the opportunity to perform in competitions as a solo performer if they are willing to work hard and wish to develop their performance skills and confidence. From small competitions all the way up to national competitions we can prepare our students and guide them as they explore the world of dance.