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Our teachers are committed to providing valuable and rewarding dance classes in a caring and encouraging environment. All skill levels are catered for to ensure that all students can achieve their personal best. Students are encouraged to develop technical & performance skills with confidence in a safe dance environment. Friendship and team work is actively built on and students are expected to support and encourage each other in class and throughout the school. Senior students often take on a mentor type role towards junior students which makes our junior students feel safe and cared for.

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Classical Ballet

“Twinkle Toes” Tot’s Creative Ballet Class

For 2 - 4 ½ approx.. - not yet attending school. Class is 30 minutes and includes fun ballet basics with lots of expression and creative ideas. Emphasis is on musicality and rhythm. In order to encourage children to focus on the teacher and develop independence parents do not stay in the class once their child is comfortable and confident to be left.

Grade 2 Ballet

For students 8 and above. 2 classes per week is essential for good progress. It is NOT recommended to sit exams if only doing 1 class. Whilst it is still possible to progress with one class per week it can be frustrating for the student to fall behind their class mates. Grade levels are progressive and build on the knowledge from the previous grade. Grade 2 is a good starting level for older beginners and many combinations of classes can be taken to “catch up”. Students doing 2 classes must commit for the full year including concert.

Pre- Primary Ballet – Beginner ballet

For students 4 ½  – 6 y.0. attending 1st year of Primary school or of school age. This class is 45 minutes and requires a more focused attention than tot’s class whilst still maintaining the creative and expressive emphasis. Classes are timetabled early in the school week or on Saturday mornings where possible as this age group get very tired later in the week.

Recreational Ballet Class

For students who do not wish to attend Grade examination classes or can only attend 1 class per week. Students will learn ballet technique, posture and placement but as there is no preparation for examinations the classes can be freer and more focused on open work and expression. Also a suitable extra class for those wishing to do more ballet.

Grade 3 – 6 Ballet

Students 9 and above, 2 classes per week essential for good progress and exams. Grade levels are progressive and usually students attempt a level per year. Late beginners would be advised to do a mixture of the levels to get the skills required.

Primary Ballet

For students 6 – 7 y.o. attending school. Primary Ballet has an examination option for students but is not compulsory and is based on readiness. Exam participation will be a fun and informal introduction to the Cecchetti Classical Ballet exams.

Grade 1 Ballet

For students 7 – 8 y.o. Grade 1 is our first Cecchetti Grade examination level. The students are required to sustain the level of concentration needed for an examination situation. It is not compulsory to sit the exam but students not doing exams must be prepared to approach the class in the same manner as those who are. Those students who have not reached the technical standard will still be able to do a non-graded exam. *students will benefit by doing 2 classes per week at this level and should do so if they are intending to do exams. Students doing 2 classes must commit for the full year including concert.

High Performance Classes – Level 1,2 & 3

These classes will be offered to students showing ability in classical ballet and a desire to further their technical and performance skills. Classes take the form of “open class” and challenge the students to a higher level than regular grade levels. Students will be invited to attend this class if they are showing the required attitude and dedication in their syllabus ballet classes. This class IS NOT an alternative to a second exam syllabus class but is taken to extend the keen ballet dancer.

Pilates for dancers

Pilates is now a valuable part of a dancer's training with emphasis on core strength and efficiency of movement. Pilates for dancers is dance specific and requires some knowledge of classical ballet.

Major Levels – Intermediate, Advanced 1 & 2

The major levels require a high level of training and commitment to achieve the required standard for examination. In most cases these levels will be taken over 2 or more years. Progress examinations are advised before sitting full exam. If Intermediate exam is not completed then students are not eligible for the higher level exams. Students not wishing to undertake exams can still benefit from the strong technique grounding of these levels.

Adult Classes - Jazz/Hip Hop 

a great way to exercise for adults wishing to take part in basic class both for those with experience and beginners. Even adults with ample dance training in their past will get a work out from the basic dance classes - and lots of fun too!

Character Class

Character dance is a specific subdivision of classical dance. It is the stylized representation of a traditional folk or national dance, mostly from European countries, and uses movements and music which have been adapted for the theatre. Character dance is integral to much of the classical ballet repertoire.

Character Classes are now offered to all ballet students and compulsory for Performance Class students.

Contemporary Dance
Lyrical Dance

*As contemporary dance is very much aided by strong ballet technique the teacher may choose to advance students showing a stronger technique above their suggested age/level.

Junior Contemporary - For students 5-8yo or up - or Grade 2 ballet

Elementary Contemporary – For 8-12 years and up – or Grade 3 & 4 ballet - *Advanced level chosen by teacher

Intermediate Contemporary – For 10-14 years and up – or Grade 5 & 6 ballet – Depends on experience and ability             

Senior Contemporary – For 13 – 16 years and up – or Intermediate ballet – Depends on experience and ability.

Senior Advanced Contemporary – 16 years & up Senior (Adv 1 & 2 Ballet) students

Lyrical dance has a free ballet style and includes flexibility and gymnastic movements with emphasis on creative expression. Ballet technique is required to take this class therefore students should ideally be also taking part in classical ballet technique classes.

*ages a guide only

Junior/Elementary – 7-12yo – Grade 1 to G4 Ballet 

Intermediate – 10-14yo – Grade 5 & 6 Ballet 

Senior – 12- 18yo – Intermediate & adv 1 Ballet

Senior Advanced – 14 and up – Still doing ballet at Advanced 1 level or higher.

Jazz/Funk Classes

"Tiny Boppers" Jazz/Funk- For 3 – 5 y.o, a 30 minute class suited to Tots & Pre-Primary Ballet students. With free dance, and jazz/funk basics for beginners

Junior Jazz/Funk- For ages 6 – 8 depends on experience and ability, Elementary Jazz/Funk- For 8 - 12 and older beginners

Intermediate – For 10- 14 yo or Grade 5 & 6 Ballet

Senior & Senior Advanced Jazz/Funk- For 13 up

Acrobatics Level 1 - 4
Tap Dance
Hip Hop

For ages 4 and upwards, older students will progress more rapidly and can move to next level once basics are achieved!

Adult Tap – For all adults to come along and try, it’s a great work out and lots of fun too!

 Hip Hop is a specific style and is not recommended as a replacement to Jazz/Funk which covers a much more thorough range of dance technique. Hip Hop classes offered are Junior 5-9, Elem/Inter 9-14, Senior 14+

Studying the correct strengthening, flexibility and techniques for the basic acrobatic movements now widely used in dance. Ages are less important than skill level so students must be guided by the teachers as to the suitable level.


Level 1 is for all beginner students 

Level 2 is for students already proficient and ready for aerial work such as flips and tumbles.

Level 3 – Junior Advanced is for students already proficient in aerials and flips.

Level 4 is for senior level students working on aerials, tumbles and flips.

Strength & Conditioning

A class specially to work on a dancer’s cardio fitness and core strength which are both areas vital to a dancer.

Song & Dance

For students 6 and up. This is a class exploring singing, movement and dance from musical theatre productions. Learning to sing in a group whilst dancing requires good breathing techniques.