Contemporary Dance

Contemporary or Modern dance is the one of the main styles of dance performed in professional dance companies. It has evolved with influence from a mixture of world wide dance styles but is strongly influenced by classical ballet technique which gives the dancers the technique and expression need for this challenging style.

Students at our school are encouraged to take ballet classes to aid in the development of discipline and technique to enhance all other dance styles.

*As contemporary dance is very much aided by strong ballet technique the teacher may choose to advance students showing a stronger technique above their suggested age/level.

Junior Contemporary - For students 5-8yo - or up to Grade 2 ballet

Elementary Contemporary – For 8-12 years – or Grade 3 & 4 ballet

Pre-Senior Contemporary – For 10-14 yo – or Grade 5 & 6 ballet – *Depends on experience and ability             

Senior Contemporary – For 13 – 16 yo – or Intermediate ballet – Depends on experience and ability.

Senior Advanced Contemporary – 15 years & up (Adv 1 & 2 Ballet) *students need strong technical ability


Lyrical dance is a more recent expression of Modern dance and as its name indicates explores expression, emotion and story telling. Lyrical dance is once again dependent on a strong ballet technique and also flexibility and acrobatic skills.

Students at all levels are highly recommended to do ballet if taking lyrical classes and will also be aided by doing flexibility and acrobatic classes

Junior Lyrical - for 6-8yo or up to Grade 2 Ballet

Elementary Lyrical - for 8-12yo or Grade 3 &4 Ballet

Pre-Senior Lyrical - for 10 - 14yo or Grade 5 & 6 Ballet 

Senior Lyrical - For 13 – 16 yo – or Intermediate ballet *Depends on experience and ability.

Senior Advanced Lyrical - 15yo & up -advanced 1 Ballet up * students need strong technical ability